The Environmental Observation Web and its
Service Applications within the Future Internet
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ENVIROFI is one of eight use case projects within the first phase of the public-private partnership programme on the Internet of the Future (FI-PPP)

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EU Seventh Framework Programme EU Seventh Framework Programme
ENVIROFI is funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme under the FI.ICT-2011.1.8 Work Programme.

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October 2011 - EnviroInfo 2011

The EnviroInfo 2011 Conference took place in Ispra, Italy (5th - 7th October 2011)
. Most important conference for the project in the first year. It covered the complete field of processing environmental information prepared and distributed with cutting edge ICT technologies. The conference comprised the field of Environmental Informatics. Particular emphasis was put on innovative applications supporting the sharing of environmental observations, complex modeling processes and simulation techniques.

The ENVIP workshop was the first official meeting with stakeholders
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Large European communities generate significant amounts of valuable environmental observations at local and regional scales using mobile communication devices, computers and sensors which are mostly connected to the internet. These communities environmental observations represent a wealth of information which is currently unused and therefore in need for integration with other fragmented data and information sources, traditionally managed by research and educational institutions and industries.

ENVIROFI will consolidate the Future Internet requirements from the Environmental Usage Area perspective and provide important specifications and prototypes of interoperable geospatial Environmental Enablers. These will be deployed in the Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Marine environments in collaboration with large stakeholder communities; and set the stage for large-scale trials in the Environmental Usage Area with a perspective of achieving sustainable socio-economic progress in Europe.
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